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Community Town Plans

Wattle Range Council is developing Ten Year Community Town Plans for each of the townships within its boundaries.

These Town Plans will enable each community to develop a vision for each of our unique towns and take a more strategic approach to projects and initiatives over the ensuing ten years.

In each town Council will facilitated a public meeting to assist the community with the development of a ten year Community Town Plan (CTP), through the establishment of a committee or group to drive the project.

At these meetings participants are encouraged to help develop a Vision Statement for the township, highlight what makes each town unique and what potential is available for the future.

Each plan has been developed in consultation with businesses, residents and the wider community.

The community outcomes and projects developed during this consultation will assist Council with future strategic directions relative to infrastructure needs and budgetary considerations.

Adopted Community Town Plans

The following towns have completed the consultation process and their Community Town Plans have been adopted by Council:


Coonawarra Community Town Plan(152 kb)

13 June 2017


Coonawarra is a community that’s vibrant, passionate, sophisticated and unique – one that will continue to honour tradition while embracing innovation and nurturing sustainable viticulture for the future.
Coonawarra will be nationally and internationally recognised as a progressive, world class winegrowing and tourism region, whose unique culture is embodied in its wine and its people.

Penola Community Town Plan - Final(1555 kb)

19 January 2016

A thriving region of opportunity where our communities enjoy a vibrant and fulfilled lifestyle in a clean and pristine environment;

  • A region of opportunity for all.

  • A region with safe, strong, happy and connected communities.

  • A region where our community supports local businesses and is open to new ideas.

  • A region that celebrates our agricultural, viticulture, fine foods, history, arts and festivals.

A region actively involved in promoting itself and the attractions it has to increase much needed visitors to the region.

Millicent Community Town Plan - Final(552 kb)

14 November 2017
The Millicent Community is centrally located in the clean green environment of the Limestone Coast and prospers with its variety of health, wealth and social services. Our future lies in further developing Accommodation, Tourism, Commerce, Education, Health, Primary production, Recreation and Transport.

Beachport Community Town Plan - Final(527 kb)

16 January 2018
To improve Beachport for residents to reside and work, visitors to stay, and for the future prosperity of Beachport from a social, economic, recreational and environmental perspective; whilst maintaining the character intrinsic to the community.

Rendelsham Community Town Plan - Final(464 kb)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

16 January 2018
RENDELSHAM – A place where people can enjoy a future in a clean, safe community.

Draft Community Town Plans

These plans are currently in draft format and are being considered by their respective communities. If you wish to be involved in this process please contact the community committtee contact provided.


Glencoe Community Town Plan - Draft(564 kb)

Consultation session to be held
21 February 2018
Committee contact

Nangwarry Community Town Plan - Draft(178 kb)

Consultation session held
18 October 2017


This plan is currently being finalised and draft will be posted shortly

Consultation session held
6 September 2017
Kangaroo Inn

This plan is currently being developed


Tantanoola Community Town Plan - Draft(567 kb)

 Consultation session to be held on 
Wednesday, 11 April 2018 at 6pm 
in the Tantanoola Football Clubrooms
Committee contact


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