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Current Consultation

Community Consultation is your opportunity to provide input on a range of Council projects and activites and to be involved in Council's decision making processes.

Draft Kerb Asset Management Plan

Council’s Draft Asset Management Plan for Kerb is now available for community comment.

The Plan has been developed to enable Council to demonstrate how the kerb infrastructure portfolio will meet the service delivery needs of the community from present day and into the future. It also demonstrates an improvement in financial sustainability. The Kerb Asset Management Plan is one of a series of plans to be created as per Council’s Asset Management Strategy.

Copies of the Draft Plan are available for inspection at Council offices and the Millicent Public Library or can be downloaded below:

Draft Kerb Asset Management Plan - Consultation(1349 kb)

Written submissions should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer and can be:

• Posted to PO Box 27, Millicent SA 5280
• Left at any of Council’s offices, or 
• emailed to council@wattlerange.sa.gov.au

and will be received by Council until 5pm on Wednesday, 8 November 2017.


Draft Procurement Policy

In accordance with Section 49 of the Local Government Act 1999 Council invites the community to make written submissions in relation to its Draft Procurement Policy.

Copies of the Draft Procurement Policy are available from each of Council’s Offices and the Millicent Library, during normal office hours, or can be downloaded below.

Draft Procurement Policy(453 kb)

Written submissions should be marked “Draft Procurement Policy” and must be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Wattle Range Council, PO Box 27, MILLICENT, SA, 5280. Alternatively submissions can be forwarded by email to council@wattlerange.sa.gov.au

Closing date for submissions is 5pm on Tuesday, 7 November 2017.

Sand Management in Beachport

Council is currently seeking community comment on two documents relating to sand management in Beachport.  Comments on both documents can be provided on the feedback form or in writing by the closing date.  All comments received will be considered by Council and submissions may be made public. 

The closing date for comments is 8am on Monday, 13 November 2017

Beachport Sand and Boat Ramp Management - Have Your Say

Sand Management Plan for Beachport Town Beaches

The development approval for the extension of the Beachport Boat Ramp breakwater required a sand management plan to be developed for the town beaches.  Council has been implementing this plan since December 2013 and based on the lessons learned during this time, Council has revised the sand management plan and is now seeking community comment.

The revised draft pan specifies three clear objectives, to:

  1. Monitor and manage the effectiveness and impacts of groynes including the boat ramp breakwater by relocating sand to beaches at risk or showing signs of erosion;
  2. Remove sand from the boat ramp basin to maintain appropriate service standards; and
  3. Minimise the impacts of sand relocation activities on residents, visitors and businesses.

The revised sand management plan brings forward the operating requirements of the original sand management plan with minor updates including:

  • Retaining the requirement to develop a sand relocation plan for each relocation event;
  • Email, website and Facebook notifications for sand relocation works to all interested parties, not just residents on Beach Road;
  • Monitoring of beaches using a variety of methods such as aerial imagery;
  • Exploring different technology and operating hours for removal of sand from the boat ramp basin such as pumping and dredging as well as the use of excavators;
  • Triggers for sand relocation based on the needs of receiving beaches, rather than the levels of sand on Beaches 4 and 5.

Sand Management Plan for Beachport Town Beaches

Review of Maintenance Options for Beachport Boat Ramp

Council engaged Coastal Engineer, Luke Campbell from Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec to look at options to reduce long term, ongoing maintenance for the Beachport Boat Ramp, including possible amendments to the design.

The report considers the history of boat launching facilities in Beachport, considers the cost of relocating the facility and considers alternative designs.

The recommendations from the report include collection of wave and sand data to inform numerical modelling, modelling of design alterations, purchase of dredge pipe infrastructure and a further trial of a dredge pump.

Review of Maintenance Options for Beachport Boat Ramp


Proposed Road Closure & Sale of Unmade Road Reserve - Hd Mayurra (Extension of Chant Road, Millicent)

Council is currently seeking feedback in relation to a proposal to close and sell to the adjoining landowner portion of unmade road reserve being the unmade portion of Chant Road, Millicent and immediately adjacent to Sections 77, 215 and 522, hundred of Mayurra.  The formal process will be conducted pursuant to the provisions of the Roads (Opening & Closing) Act 1991.

In accordance with Council’s Community Engagement policy, the public is invited to comment and make formal representation to Council on the proposal.

Written submissions marked “PROPOSED ROAD CLOSURE - MAYURRA” can be:

•      Posted to PO Box 27, Millicent SA 5280
•      left at any of Council's offices, or
•      or emailed to council@wattlerange.sa.gov.au

and will be received by Council until 5pm Friday, 3 November 2017.

Please note that all comments, including the names of those responding may be tabled at a public meeting of Council unless otherwise indicated by the respondent in which case their details are to be excluded from publication.

Copies of the plan showing the location of the unmade road reserve to be closed are available from any of Council’s Offices or to download below:

Proposed Road Closure & Sale of Unmade Road Reserve Mayurra1(345 kb)

Nangwarry Pool Community Vision

The Nangwarry community have started brainstorming ideas for a 10 year master plan for the pool.  We welcome your suggestions by email to engineering@wattlerange.sa.gov.au.

Scale Map

Category 3 Development Public Notfication

Due to their nature, some types of development proposals require public notification. This allows people likely to be affected by the development the opportunity to comment.

Any application(s) currently on public notification are available to view here and anyone wishing to make representation to Council should do so in writing by the closing dates shown on the notice.

Penola Town Square Project

The Penola Town Square is an ongoing project being progressed by Wattle Range Council and members of the Penola community. 

A community based consultation group has been formed to further develop a vision for the square considering the needs and desires of the future users of the space.

For further information visit www.wattlerange.sa.gov.au/penolatownsquare or find them on facebook.


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