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Millicent Parklands Masterplan

Council has been working on the development of a master plan for the Millicent Parklands and Civic Precinct (Domain) which will determine the future upgrade of the site include allocating of Council funds and grant applications.

A small working group made up of Corcoran Ward elected members Cr Lawlor, Cr Brown, Cr Cox, Cr Muhovics and Cr Drew along with members from the Voice of the Children and officers from Parks and Gardens and Road Maintenance.  The working group have developed the draft plan following some stakeholder engagement and a reviewed all the past planning ideas for the site. The working group has taken the best elements from each in the preparation of the plan.

The stakeholder engagement involved staff working with groups of local school students from Millicent North, Newberry and Mt Burr Primary and Millicent High School who have undertaken school based project work on element of the site. The outcome has been students preparing various design models such as  of the site with design ideas. These have been presented to the working group who have reviewed the ideas from the local student and incorporated some of these elements onto the draft master plan.

The Voice of the Children who are a group of preschool and childcare educators have also been providing input into the plan in the form of the development of a nature play area for younger aged children adjacent to the current adventure playground. This element will compliment the existing adventure playground providing a different type of play for young children.

Council have also been approached by a local arts group that would love to see the establishment of a art throughout the park.

The intention from Council is for this area to become the community hub of Millicent providing an attractive site for all ages local and tourist alike.

At its meeting of 8 May 2018 Council adopted the Millicent Parklands and Civic Precinct (Domain) Plan. The Plan will be implemented in stages with Stage 1 included in the draft 2018/19 Annual Business Plan & Budget.

View each of the individual plans by clicking on the image below  |  Download the full set here
 Millicent Parklands and Civic Precinct Master Plan Sheet1Site Layout Plan
Millicent Parklands and Civic Precinct Master Plan Sheet2  Tennis Courts Area
Millicent Parklands and Civic Precinct Master Plan Sheet3  Netball Courts Area
Millicent Parklands and Civic Precinct Master Plan Sheet4  Playground & Skatepark
 Millicent Parklands and Civic Precinct Master Plan Sheet5Bowling and Croquet Area
 Millicent Parklands and Civic Precinct Master Plan Sheet5Civic Precinct
 Millicent Parklands and Civic Precinct Master Plan Sheet7Jubliee Park
 Millicent Parklands and Civic Precinct Master Plan Sheet8Memorial Park

Millicent Domain Nature Playspace

Work has begun on the natre playspace in the being developed in the Millicent Parklands precinct.

The Domain Nature Playspace project has been made possible by the generous support of both the Federal Government’s Community Development Grants program and the State Government’s Open Space & Places for People program.

The concept plan on which construction of the space will be based is available to view below:


Please note: This is a concept only and the finished space will vary somewhat from this design due to the nature of the project and the materials used. 


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