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Millicent Stock Saleyards

Millicent Stock Saleyards

The Millicent Stock Saleyards is a convenient, affordable, well presented and hygienic facility situated on Saleyards Road, Millicent just 3.5 kms from the town centre.

Regular Thursday sales are held from 9 am and include bulls, bullocks, vealers and cows. To check out our most recent market report see Latest News.

There are five livestock selling agents currently on board:

Elders John Chay and Co
Landmark Pinkerton Palm Hamlyn & Steen
P & L Livestock                                 

The facility has 182 selling pens, a computerised weighbridge, utilises National Livestock Information System programs and is National Saleyard Quality Assurance accredited. All cattle are presented on dirt yards, including overnight, which reduces stress and foot sorenesss.

Features also include a two bay Avdata truck wash, showers, and holding paddocks. Canteen facilities open on sale days.

Out of hours weighing is available by appointment.

For further information, or assistance in relation to the Millicent Saleyards, contact Saleyards Manager, Andrew Robinson on 0408 891 098.


Millicent Saleyards Review

Council engaged SED Advisory in January 2018 to undertake an independent review of the Millicent Saleyards giving regard to the financial sustainability and future of operations.

The review included examination of the current infrastructure with respect to future investment, suitability for purpose and need for ongoing upkeep, and an assessment of the industry as a whole. The review also examined the current competitive environment from other regional saleyards and alternate sales methods now being employed by producers and buyers.

Council initially placed the Review under a confidentiality order at its 10 April 2018 meeting due to its commercial in confidence nature but has received notification from SED Advisory that it has now been approved for release.

The Review can be downloaded by clicking here.


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