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Nominating for a position on council

If you are eligible to vote in your local council elections, you are probably also eligible to stand for a position on council. With very few exceptions (such as being an undischarged bankrupt, or being disqualified from holding office by a court order), you can nominate for a position on council regardless of qualifications, religion, race, gender, experience or profession. In fact, council actively encourages nominations from people from diverse backgrounds to ensure that a wide range of views are being represented.

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Nomination process

Nominations open Tuesday 4 September 2018 and close Tuesday 18 September 2018 at 12 noon.

During this time, you must complete and lodge a nomination form which is available from you council and other advertised locations.

You will also be asked to lodge a 150-word candidate profile and a ‘head shoulders’ photograph which will be published on a candidates’ website.

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Local Government Election Signage Information for Candidates 

Placement of election signage in the Wattle Range Council may be undertaken in accordance with the Local Government Association of South Australia Election Signs - General Approval Guidelines and council's By-Laws. The Guideline provides information about when and where signage can be placed and specifications that signs must meet. 

Other than as provided for in the above guidelines and By-Laws, Council does not approve any other placement or affixation of election signage. 

As a courtesy, candidates may notify Council of their intent to place signage in the Wattle Range Council area by email to council@wattlerange.sa.gov.au


Signage Information Last Updated: 23 April 2018


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