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Household Waste

Your Household Waste bin is the smaller 140 litre bin with the red lid. It is collected weekly. Please check the Kerbside Collection Service page for you collection day.

 Items that CAN be placed in your household waste bin include:
  • Any remaining items that can not be recycled or composted;
  • Plastic bags, garbage bags, non-recyclable plastic and food packaging (e.g. chip packets);
  • Crockery, broken glass, mirrors, etc;
  • Plastic bags, polystyrene, foam, cling film;
  • Alkaline batteries;
  • Nappies; or
  • Ropes and hoses.
 Items that CAN NOT be placed in your household waste bin include:
  • All liquid waste, building and construction waste (including rocks and earth);
  • Hot ashes, hazardous or radioactive materials;
  • Flares, ammunition or explosives;
  • Medical waste;
  • Automobile parts; or
  • Gas cylinders.


You can reduce what goes into your waste bin by doing the following:

AVOID waste in the first place
  • Refuse junk mail if you don’t want to read it
  • Share magazines and newspapers or access them online
REDUCE what you throw away
  • Set up a compost bin and worm farm
  • Buy in bulk and products with minimal packaging
  • Repair before replacing
REUSE materials in an innovative way
  • Buy items in refillable containers
  • Reuse containers for storing food, pens, buttons, screws etc.
RECYCLE products to save natural resources
  • Close the loop and buy recycled products
  • Use your recycling bin or your local recycling depot


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