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Your recycling bin is the 240 litre bin with the yellow lid. It is collected fortnightly on the days marked in yellow on the calendar. Check your calendar here.

Everything you put in your recycling bin is collected by Council’s contractor and taken to Green Triangle Recyclers in Mount Gambier for large scale recycling.

Items that CAN be placed in your recycling bin include:
  • Tins and cans (including aerosols);
  • All glass bottles and jars (rinsed and with lids off);
  • Paper and cardboard (newspapers, magazines, envelopes, junk mail, envelopes, egg cartons, cardboard boxes – flattened);
  • Liquid paperboard cartons (e.g. juice & milk cartons – rinsed);
  • Aluminium and steel cans;
  • Clean plant pots and seedling tubs;
  • All rigid plastic containers (e.g. plastic drink bottles, detergent, yoghurt, icecream and margarine containers – rinsed and lids off); or
  • Empty pizza boxes, rinsed takeaway coffee cups.
Recycling plastic
Items that CAN NOT be placed in your recycling bin include:
  • Polystyrene;
  • Plastic bags and soft plastics;
  • Car parts, steel or gas bottles;
  • Food scraps;
  • Timber and garden waste;
  • Mirrors, light globes or window glass; or
  • Pillows, doonas or clothing.
Recycling not suitable
Recycling Bin Tips
  • Hard, rigid plastic lids can be collected in a plastic bottle (such as a milk bottle) and placed in the recycling bin with the lid off.
  • If you can scrunch a piece of plastic packaging in your hand it can not be recycled.
  • Remove all lids from jars, bottles and plastic containers before putting them in the bin.
  • Rinse containers as necessary – save water, use leftover dishwater.
  • Place all recyclables loose into the bin – do not bundle newspapers or put your recycling into plastic bags.

Zero Waste SA have a useful resource to help residents determine in which bin and item should be placed. Follow the link and enter your town and an item description for information:

For information on how to dispose of some of those ‘tricky items’ that can not be placed into your kerbside bins (e.g. e-waste, light globes, mobile phones, waste oil etc.) see our Tricky Waste page.

Recycling Centres

Residents are also encouraged to deliver their bottles, cans, plastics and cardboard to their local recycling centre and receive the refund on cans and bottles.

Bottle and can recyclers are situated at:
Millicent Bottle and Can Centre
2 Boandik Drive, Millicent
Phone (08) 8733 4926

Penola Recyclables
6 Abbey Road, Penola
Phone 0435 876 884

Beachport Recycling Depot
6 Railway Terrace, Beachport
Phone (08) 8735 8377

Although it cannot be placed in your kerbside bins, scrap metal can be deposited at any of Council’s Resource Recovery Centres. Alternatively it can be taken to your local scrap metal dealer.

Scrap metal dealers are situated at:
J & A Valcarcel Fuentes & Sons
Aberle Street, Millicent
(08) 8733 4845



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