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Annual Business Plan and Budget

Annual Business Plan and Budget

Throughout the past financial year, a strong focus for Council has been on Strategic Planning, which culminated in the adoption of the 2018 – 2021 Strategic Plan and the completion of a number of Community Township Plans.

The 2018/19 Annual Business Plan reinforces this Strategic Planning focus and the plan has been developed with consideration to the communities’ priorities highlighted through the various planning forums.

As with every year there are a number of challenges encountered with development of the Annual Business Plan. Council on an annual basis encounters competing demands for community priorities and projects, annual cost increases and ongoing asset renewals and replacement. The challenge for Council is to deliver a budget that meets the needs of the community whilst restricting rating increases.

On that basis, Council has limited the increase in total General Rate Revenue to 2.0% for the 2018/19 financial year. The 2.0% increase is represented in real terms as a 1.2% increase in general rates plus 0.8% increase from growth from new assessments and developments.

In summary the 2018/19 financial year results will continue to build on past successes including the delivery of the following;

  • A near break-even result, with an operating deficit of $51,000 and operating surplus ratio of 0%;
  • Councils measure of debt, Net Financial Liabilities Ratio is forecasted to be a conservative 13%, with no requirement for additional loan funds;
  • Existing assets are being renewed in a timelier manner an indicator of this is the Asset Sustainability Ratio of 95%.

A key component of the 2018/19 Annual Business Plan is the $7.87 Million Capital Expenditure budget. Council continues to focus on increasing asset renewals. In 2018/19 $4.59 Million has been allocated for the renewal of a wide range of existing facilities and infrastructure. Council has also committed $3.28 Million for the upgrade and acquisition of new assets.

In addition to the capital works budget, Council is set to deliver several operating projects  throughout the year including; the Local Government elections and training of the new Councillors.

Copies of the 2018/19 Annual Business Plan and Financial Budget Statements are available from the Council's Millicent, Beachport and Penola Offices during normal business hours, or can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:


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