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What is E-Waste?

E-Waste is the term used for any unwanted electrical items that have a plug or batteries. These items can not be reused and has no resale value or market, but can be recycled into new products. It is the fastest growing waste stream in the modern world. It is caused by rapidly changing technologies, which see us replace old electronic equipment on a regular basis.

Many people think that e-waste only applies to computers; however it includes a wide range of electronic items that we use at home and in our workplace. This ranges from mobile phones, TVs, computers, toys and gadgets, to fridges and microwave ovens.

Why is E-Waste a problem and what are the benefits from recycling?

E-waste is made from hundreds of different materials. Many of these materials are inherently valuable and non-renewable, such as gold and platinum, tin, zinc, aluminium, steel and copper. Despite the labour intensive process involved in dismantling, if they can be extracted they can be reused in manufacture again as a ‘secondary’ raw material which takes far fewer resources and less energy than creating goods from scratch.

They also contain hazardous heavy metals, including lead, cadmium, nickel and mercury, which if not disposed of appropriately can be toxic to the environment. By sending e-waste to landfill, not only does it take up valuable space in landfill sites, there is also a risk of releasing hazardous substances into the environment and the resources they contain will be lost rather than recycled.

How to recycle E-Waste

Residents of Wattle Range Council are invited to take their e-waste to any of Council’s Resource Recovery or Waste Transfer facilities located at Millicent, Penola, Furner, Beachport or Glencoe free of charge.

The collected e-waste will be transferred to Adelaide for recycling.

For further information contact Council’s Engineering Services Section on 08 8733 0901.

Locations and opening times for Council’s Resource Recovery Centres and Waste Transfer Stations are available here.

Mobile Phones

Council participate in Canteen’s ‘You Can’ Mobile Phone Recycling program and deposit boxes are located in the Millicent Council Office, Beachport and Penola Visitor Information Centres and the Millicent Library. For information visit www.youcan.org.au


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