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Audit Committee

Section 126 of the Local Government Act, 1999 states that Council must have an Audit Committee

The functions of the Audit Committee include:

  • following a review of the Council's annual financial statements, to provide advice to Council that they fairly state the affairs of the Council;
  • to liaise with the Council's auditors in relation to the financial affairs of the Council and the conduct of the Council's audit;
  • to review the adequacy of the accounting, internal control, reporting and other financial management systems and practices of the Council on a regular basis and to report to Council on the outcome of the reviews;
  • to propose, and provide information relevant to, a review of the Council's strategic management plans or annual business plan; and
  • to propose, and review, the exercise of powers under section 130A of the Local Government Act 1999 - (examine and report on any matter relating to financial management, or the efficiency and economy with which the Council manages or uses its resources to achieve its objectives).

The Wattle Range Council Audit Committee holds its meetings quarterly but no formal schedule has been adopted.  The Audit Committee meetings are held in the Council Chamber, Civic Centre, George Street, Millicent.

Council's Audit Committee consists of five (5) members, the Mayor and three (3) elected members of Council and one (1) independent member.

Please click on the file below to view a copy of the Audit Committee's Charter:
Audit Committee Charter(38 kb)

Agendas and Minutes

October 9 2018
.pdf 9 October 2018 Agendas
.pdf 9 October 2018 Minutes
May 16 2018
.pdf 16 May 2018 Agendas
.pdf 16 May 2018 Minutes
.pdf 8.1a - Annual Review Confidential Orders - Attachment - LG Act 1999 Confidential Attachment Released
.pdf 16 May 2018 Confidential Minutes Released
.pdf Item 8.1 - 2018 Annual Review of Confidential Orders Confidential Report Released
February 26 2018
.pdf 26 February 2018 Agendas
.pdf 26 February 2018 Minutes

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