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Elected Members

Wattle Range Council comprises a Mayor elected at large by the whole community and 11 Ward Councillors elected by the community of the respective wards. 


Council Members 2018/2022


Back (left to right): Cr Peter Dunnicliff, Cr Graham Slarks, Cr Dean Burrow, Cr Kevin McGrath, Cr Deb Agnew, Cr Glenn Brown, Cr John Drew.

Front (left to right): Cr Rick Paltridge, Cr Sharon Cox, Ben Gower (Chief Executive Officer), Mayor Des Noll, Cr Moira Neagle, Cr Dale Price.


Chief Executive Officer - Mr Ben Gower 

Elections are conducted every four years and the most recent general election was held in November 2018. 

Our current Elected Members are:-

Mayor -  Des Noll

Kintore Ward - Cr. Peter Dunnicliff and Cr. Kevin McGrath
Riddoch Ward - Cr. Dean Burrow and Cr. Rick Paltridge
Corcoran Ward - Cr. Glenn Brown (Deputy Mayor), Cr. Sharon CoxCr. John Drew, Cr. Moira Neagle and Cr. Graham Slarks
Sorby Adams Ward - Cr. Dale Price and Cr. Deb Agnew

The Council electoral wards (refer to Council map below) comprise the following representation on the Council -

  • Corcoran Ward - 5 Councillors
  • Riddoch Ward - 2 Councillors
  • Sorby Adams Ward - 2 Councillors
  • Kintore Ward - 2 Councillors

Ward Map




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