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Lake McIntyre Management Committee

The Lake McIntyre Management Board was established under the provisions of Section 41 of the Local Government Act, 1999 charged with the responsibility of the care, protection, management, operation and improvement of the Lake McIntyre Reserve.

Cr. John Drew  and  Cr. Dennis Muhovics  are the Elector Member representatives currently sitting on the committee.

The Board holds its meetings on the second Tuesday of every Month.  Meetings are held in the Millicent Public Library History Room, George Street, Millicent at 7:00 pm.

To view a copy of the Lake McIntyre Management Board's Charter click on the link below:
Lake McIntyre Management Board Charter(22 kb)


November 13 2018
.pdf 13 November 2018 LMMB Agendas
October 9 2018
.pdf 9 October 2018 LMMB Agendas
.pdf 9 October 2018 LMMB Minutes
September 11 2018
.pdf 11 September 2018 LMMB Agendas
.pdf 11 September 2018 LMMB Minutes
August 14 2018
.pdf 14 August 2018 LMMB Agendas
.pdf 14 August 2018 LMMB Minutes
July 10 2018
.pdf 10 July 2018 LMMB Minutes
May 8 2018
.pdf 8 May 2018 LMMB Agendas
.pdf 8 May 2018 LMMB Minutes
April 10 2018
.pdf 10 April 2018 LMMB Agendas
.pdf 10 April 2018 LMMB Minutes
March 13 2018
.pdf 13 March 2018 LMMB Agendas
.pdf 13 March 2018 Lake McIntyre Minutes
February 13 2018
.pdf 13 Feb 2018 LMMB Agendas
.pdf 13 Feb 2018 LMMB Minutes

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