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2014 Wattle Range Council Photographic Exhibition

2014 Wattle Range Council Photographic Exhibition

On Friday, 17th October 2014, 5SE Radio announcer and keen photographer Mr Jase Scheidl opened the Wattle Range Photographic Competition before a capacity crowd of over 150 people, including photographers, family and community. In its seventh year the record number of entries exceeded all expectations, with 233 entries and 35 outstanding junior entries the exhibition filled the Gallery to capacity. Jase commented on the outstanding photography reflecting the diversity of the Region and the talented youth who exhibited. He praised the calibre and quality and how the exhibition reflected the outstanding talent that ably captured the essence, style and vibrancy of the Wattle Range Region with an emphasis on People, Places, Product and Performance.

Judge Steve Chapple (multiple winner of this exhibition) assisted by Raquel Mustillo of the South Eastern Times commented that the task of judging was far more difficult than imagined and took many hours to finalise. He was impressed by the high standard and the quality of the photography and attention to detail. They said “Everyone – no matter what type of camera, what skill level, what subject- should be very proud to have their images hanging here tonight.”

Raquel on announcing the winners said “It’s a great exhibition showcasing images ranging from our professionals to the talented new photographers and the stunning work by our young photographers”.

Winners for each category are directly below. Merit winners for each section will follow the winners section. Unfortunately due to the size of the Panoramic photos we are unable to put onto our website.


Winner Second Third
Darren Galwey - Low Tide Sonya Francis - Starry Night Arthur Kelm - Foggy Night George St
Darren Galwey 
Low Tide
Sonya Francis 
Starry Night
Arthur Kelm 
Foggy Night George Street


Winner Second Third
Merridy Lindner
Margaret Carter 
The Workshed Warina Homestead Glencoe
Margaret Carter 
Railway Station


 Winner Second   Third
 Sonya Francis
Autumn Fun
 Louise Agnew 
The Taste
 Jodie Smith-Delend
Winter Pruning


Winner Second Third
Darren Galwey 
Hot House Herbs
Katrina Fennell
Cherry Blossom
Nancy Murphy 
Dreaming of bling


Winner Second Third
Charles Prime - gogogo Sandi Spink - Summer ride Rick Hyde       and         Charles Prime
Stockmans Challenge      Grand Final Time


Winner Second Third
Jack Francis 
Tiarni Cook 
 Watching Cricket
Jack Francis 


Winner Second Third
Sonya Francis 
Working Bee
Jodie Smith-Delend 
Fungi on the Forest Floor
Heather Woods 


Winner Runner Up Junior Winner
Margaret Carter
The Titled Glass
Charles Prime 
Blow Me
Keeva Joy Shepherd 
 Dewy Morning


Merit Winners

Landscape Merit

John Drew 
My Country
 Linda Finch
Rocky Camp Roos

Heather Woods 
Little Drain

Arthur Kelm 
Hayward Hotel Penola
Linda Finch 
Mt Muirhead

 Black and White Merit

Mandy Dodgson  
Old Saddle, 
Leake Brothers Woolshed Glencoe
Margaret Carter 
Pounds, Shillings and Pence
Jodie Smith-Deland 

People & Portrait Merit

Kate Patten 
Community Link
Louise Agnew 
Grow old with me, the best is yet to be

Business & Industry Merit

Jodie Smith- Deland 
Crutching of the Rams
Margaret Carter 
 Big enough to harvest
Margaret Carter 
Don't forget Me
Steven Gray 
The Team
 Charles Prime 
Turn Me On

 Sport & Recreation Merit

John R O'Connell 
Ali Barba
Rosey Pounsett
Line Up

Youth Merit

 Image not available
Tiarni Cook 
Mum's Taxi
Zali Popp 
Towering Beauty
Tiarni Cook 
Happy Days
Emery Janssen
Book Week                 
Lachlan Skene 
The Spud Paddock

Nature Merit

Fatima Pioro 
My Winter Wonderland


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