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Council Meetings

Meetings of the Council are held on the second Tuesday of every month at 5:00 p.m., with the exeption of the January Meeting which is held on the third Tuesday.  Members of the public are most welcome to attend the meetings that are held in the Council Chamber, Civic Centre, George Street, Millicent.


Agendas and Minutes

December 12 2017
.pdf 12 December 2017 Agendas
.pdf 12 December 2017 Minutes
.pdf 12 December 2017 Minus Item 17.2 Confidential Minutes Released
.pdf 12 December 2017 Mayoral Communications
November 28 2017
.pdf Special 28 November 2017 Agendas
.pdf Special 28 November 2017 Minutes
November 14 2017
.pdf 14 November 2017 Agendas
.pdf 14 November 2017 Minutes
.pdf 14 November 2017 Confidential Minutes Released
.pdf 14 November 2017 Mayoral Communications
October 10 2017
.pdf 10 October 2017 Agendas
.pdf 10 October 2017 Minutes
.pdf Audit Committee Minutes 6 October 2017 Late Items
.pdf Tabled at Meeting - Memorandum of Lease - Treasurer / OFO Late Items
.pdf 10 October 2017 Mayoral Communications
September 12 2017
.pdf 12 September 2017 Agendas
.pdf 12 September 2017 Minutes
.pdf 12 September 2017 Confidential Minutes Released
.pdf 12 September 2017 Mayoral Communications
August 8 2017
.pdf 8 August 2017 Agendas
.pdf 8 August 2017 Minutes
.pdf 8 August 2017 Confidential Minutes Released
.pdf 8 August 2017 Mayoral Communications
July 11 2017
.pdf 11 July 2017 Agendas
.pdf 11 July 2017 Minutes
.pdf 11 July 2017 Mayoral Communications
June 29 2017
.pdf 29 June 2017 Agendas
.pdf 29 June 2017 Special Minutes
June 13 2017
.pdf 13 June 2017 Agendas
.pdf 13 June 2017 Minutes
.pdf 13 June 2017 Confidential Minutes Released
.pdf 13 June 2017 Confidential Report Released
.pdf 13 June 2017 Mayoral Communications
May 18 2017
.pdf 18 May 2017 Special Confidential Minutes Released
.pdf 18 May 2017 Special 6.1 Attachment Confidential Report Released
.pdf 18 May 2017 Special 6.1 Draft Strategic Plan Confidential Report Released
.pdf 18 May 2017 Special Council Meeting
.pdf 18 May 2017 Minutes Special Council Meeting
May 9 2017
.pdf 9 May 2017 Agendas
.pdf 9 May 2017 Minutes
April 11 2017
.pdf 11 April 2017 Agendas
.pdf 11 April 2017 Minutes
.pdf 11 April 2017 Confidential Minutes Released
.pdf Item 17.1 - Annual Review of Confidential Orders Confidential Report Released
.pdf 11 April 2017 Mayoral Communications
March 14 2017
.pdf 14 March 2017 Agendas
.pdf 14 March 2017 Minutes
.pdf 14 March 2017 Mayoral Communications
February 14 2017
.pdf 14 February 2017 Agendas
.pdf 14 February 2017 Minutes
.pdf 14 February 2017 Confidential Minutes Released
.pdf 17.1 Review of Eligible Section 184 Sale of Properties for Unpaid Rates Confidential Report Released
.pdf 14 February 2017 Mayoral Communications
January 17 2017
.pdf 17 January 2017 Agendas
.pdf 17 January 2017 Minutes
.pdf 17 January 2017 Confidential Minutes Released
.pdf 17.1 Dergholm Road Shoulder Sealing - Tender Evaluation Confidential Report Released
.pdf 17.2 Building FIre Safety Committee Confidential Report Released
.pdf 17 January 2017 Mayoral Communications

To download any of the above documents, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You can download the free reader from: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html

Decision and Process Review

Wattle Range Council has adopted two important policies which relate to the Public Access to Council and Committee Meetings and the Internal Review of Council Decisions.

Policy No. 1.11 - Internal Review of Council Decisions 

Wattle Range Council is committed to transparent decision making processes, and to providing access to a fair and objective procedure for the internal review of decisions.

Grievances may arise as a result of dissatisfaction with a decision about a policy, procedure, service or fee. All attempts will be made to resolve grievances quickly and efficiently, without the need for formal applications for review to be lodged. Sometimes this cannot be achieved. The procedure provides guidance for dealing with formal requests for internal review of decisions of Council, its employees, and other people acting on behalf of Council.

Dealing with grievances at the local level is the most effective way of resolving matters quickly. Applicants for review of decisions will be encouraged to participate in the review handling process co-operatively. However, this will not negate citizens' rights to seek external review through the State Ombudsman, other legal appeal processes, or the Courts at any time during the internal review process.

Policy No. 1.3 - Code of Practice - Public Access to Council and Committee Meetings and Associated Documents 

Wattle Range Council is committed to the principle of honest, open and accountable government and encourages community participation in the business of Council, however in some special circumstances it may be necessary to restrict public access to Council discussions and documents.

This Code sets out the commitment of Wattle Range Council to provide public access to Council meetings and associated documents and outlines the policies, procedures and practices on why and how Wattle Range Council may use the provisions in the Local Government Act to restrict public access. The Code includes:

  • Information on the relevant provisions of the Local Government Act.
  • Council's policy on public access and participation.
  • The process and practices that will be adopted where public access is restricted.
  • Grievance procedures if a member of the public believes that the Council has unreasonably restricted public access on a particular matter.

Further information in relation to these documents can be obtained by contacting Council on (08) 8733 0900.


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