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Council Elections

Council Elections are held every four years via postal vote.  The next General Election is due to be held in November 2018.

The Wattle Range Council area is made up of the following 4 Wards:-

Kintore Ward - includes the towns of Beachport, Southend, Rendelsham, Hatherleigh and Furner (2 Councillors)
Riddoch Ward - includes the towns of Penola and Coonawarra (2 Councillors)
Corcoran Ward - includes the towns of Millicent and Tantanoola (5 Councillors)
Sorby Adams Ward - includes the towns of Mount Burr, Glencoe, Kalangadoo and Nangwarry (2 Councillors)

The Council current comprises 12 members, a Mayor who is elected by the electors of the Council area as a whole and 11 Councillors elected by the electors of the respective wards.

For details of your local Councillors Click Here

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Council Supplementary Voters Roll

Are you a new resident to the Wattle Range Council area?

Have you recently changed your home address and now living in a different Ward?

The Local Government (Elections) Act 1999 delegates to the Chief Executive the responsibility of maintaining the voters roll for Council elections.  Recent amendments to the Act removed some of the previous automatic enrolment provisions.  Ratepayers who are not on the State Electoral roll and wish to vote in future Council elections now need to apply for inclusion on the Council voters roll before each periodic election.

This means that all residents not on the State Electoral roll; including non-Australian citizens, a sole owner who lives outside the area but owns property in the Council and a sole occupier who occupies property in the Council area as a tenant but does not live at that property (a non resident occupier), will no longer be automatically included on the Council voters roll and instead will need to apply for voting entitlements.  The Act now also specifies that each elector can only vote once for an Area or Ward election but is entitled to vote in more than one Ward election if they have rateable property in those Wards. 

If you are new to the Wattle Range Council area, or have moved house to a different Ward, then you will need to complete  the necessary application form to enable your name to appear in the correct Ward Roll.  Please find the relevant Enrolment Forms below for completion and return to Council's Rates Department at your earliest convenience.


Form 1 Enrolment Form Natural Person(48 kb)

Form 2 Enrolment Form Body Corporate(65 kb)

Form 3 Enrolment Form Group Owners or Occupiers(48 kb)

For any queries with regard to the above information and forms, please make contact with Council's Rates Officer on 8733 0900.



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