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Prposed Declaration of Dry Zone Millicent Swimming Lake

15 May 2014

Continued anti social behaviour and repeated vandalism through the summer months has sparked moves to declare the Millicent Swimming Lake and alcohol free area

Wattle Range Council is seeking public comment on a proposal to implement a permanent dry zone at the Millicent Swimming Lake.

Mayor Peter Gandolfi said residents have an opportunity to make comment on the proposed dry zone which will prohibit the consumption and/or possession of liquor within the Millicent Swimming Lake property and adjoining carparking facilities.

Mr Gandolfi said that the Swimming Lake is popular venue during the summer months and attracts thousands of locals and visitors, including many young families.  The area is floodlit in the evenings which encourages people to stay at the facility weather pending.  Although the majority of users do act responsibly Council has received reports of several issues believed to be linked to alcohol and other anti-social behaviours.

“Unfortunately from time to time Council receives complaints regarding vandalism and/or behavioural issues at the Millicent Swimming Lake and on investigation, many of these complaints stem from the consumption and/or possession of alcohol,” he said.

The Liquor Licensing Act 1997 provides for the prohibition, by regulation, of the consumption or possession of liquor in a specified public place, or a public place of a specified kind.  The objectives of the Act are to:

  • Curb alcohol related problems such as anti-social behaviour in public areas such as reserves, main shopping precincts, car parks and foreshores; and
  • Ensure that areas are preserved for family enjoyment and recreation, free from intimidation or disturbance from persons affected by alcohol

Should the proposed dry zone be imposed then any person who consumes or has possession of liquor in the area is guilty of an offence, which carries a maximum penalty of $1,250. Offenders may be issued with an expiation notice of $160.

Prop Dry Zone Swim Lake

Written submissions should be addressed to Council and posted to the following address before the close on business on Friday 27 June 2014:


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