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Limestone Coast Regional Trails Master Plan

13 August 2014

Wattle Range Council is working with all Councils in the Limestone Coast to develop a Regional Trails Master Plan.

The Trails Master Plan will deliver a comprehensive and innovative Plan for the establishment of a network of regional trails promoting community recreation and tourism in the Limestone Coast. 

The outcome of the completed Master Plan will be the establishment of a connected network of regional trails to support recreation, tourism, infrastructure, and economic development opportunities for the Region.

According to Wattle Range Council Chief Executive Officer, Peter Harriott “we are looking for your ideas on what new trails could be developed across the Limestone Coast and how we can link existing trails to deliver better recreation and tourism experiences”.

“Some concepts that are currently ‘on the table’ include food and wine, forestry, history and geological trails.  All ideas are welcome so make sure you have your say!”

Submit your ideas by completing the following online survey:


The survey closes on 31 August 2014.

If you have any questions about the survey please contact Tredwell Management Services via email info@tredwell.co.au or phone (08) 8234 6387.


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