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Food Safety Week 2015

3 November 2015

Food Safety Week
8 – 15 November 2015
‘Did you know?’

This year the Australian Food Safety Week theme is ‘Did you know?’ – busting the food safety myths.

Council’s Chief Executive Officer, Peter Harriott said that there are many myths about food poisoning, so this year the focus of Australian Food Safety Week is to bust some of these myths.

“For example - did you know that if you get food poisoning it may not have been the last thing you ate?” Mr. Harriott asked, “sometimes symptoms can take several days or weeks to appear”.

“Finally, did you know that food poisoning is not a mild illness? Each year an estimated 1 million Australians have to visit a doctor with food poisoning, 32,000 people end up in hospital and 86 people die.”

You can reduce your risk by following these simple tips:

  • Clean – wash hands with running water and soap then dry hands thoroughly before starting to cook and after handling raw meat or chicken.
  • Chill – transport your chilled or frozen food home from the shops in a cooler bag or esky.
  • Cook – cook chicken, minced or boned meats, hamburger, stuffed meats and sausages right through until they reach 75C using a thermometer. Serve hot food steaming hot above 60C. Always follow cooking instructions on packaged foods.
  • Separate – food should be stored in covered containers in the fridge and put raw meats and poultry in the bottom of the fridge so the juices do not contaminate food on lower shelves. Don’t put cooked meat back on the plate the raw meat was on.

As part of Wattle Range Council’s promotion of the 2015 Australian Food Safety Week there are limited numbers of free give-aways that promote the key Food Safety messages. Interested members of the community are asked to call into the Millicent Council Office, Penola and Beachport Visitor and Information Centres to collect an item of their choice.

For additional information, please log on to www.health.sa.gov.au/pehs/food-index.htm. We also encourage everyone in our region to take the Food Safety Quiz at http://www.foodsafety.asn.au/australian-food-safety-week-2015/ and test their knowledge about the safest action to protect you and your family.


For further information, please contact:
Catarina Santos, Environmental Health Officer
Email:                      acs@wattlerange.sa.gov.au
Telephone:              (08) 8733 0900


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