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2016 Photographic Exhibition Winners Announced

14 July 2016

Mayor Peter Gandolfi recently opened the Wattle Range Photographic Exhibition before a crowd of more than 150 people.

Mr Gandolfi said the outstanding photography reflected the diversity of the region and the talented youth who exhibited.

“In its ninth year, the 253 entries exceeded all expectation,” he said. “We have some extremely talented photographers whose expertise behind the lens is noteworthy. The 2017 Wattle Range Council Calendar will be an amazing issue featuring outstanding photographs.” 

Darren Galwey received the Mayoral Award for his stunning photograph “Show Jumping” (motor bike rider, mid-air) and aspiring young photographer, Jack Francis once again took out the Mayoral Junior Award with his photo “Top Spin” (a tennis ball in flight).

One of the judges, Charles Prime said: “The task of judging was far more difficult than imagined and took many hours to finalise. Everyone no matter what type of camera, what skill level, what subject, should be very proud to have their images on display.”

Other winners on the night for various categories were:

Winner’s Name
Name of Photograph
Business & Industry Darren Galwey Yesterday’s Farming Chicory Kiln at Rendelsham
Black & White Darren Galwey & My Five Cents Echidna
Rick Hyde Borrowed Time Canola Factory
Panoramic Melanie Halton Fun in the Sun Beachport
Landscape & Nature Simon Whennan
Imagination (Landscape)

Silhouette of a Tree
Posing Wren (Nature) Blue Wren
Sport & Leisure Maddie Redman Perfect Shot Cricketer at Play
Youth Jack Francis Top Spin A Tennis Ball in Flight
People & Portrait Lynda Heins A Long Wait Coonawarra Siding

Hurst Camera House was very generous in sponsoring the Youth Award with all junior photographers receiving a Hurst Camera House Award.

Mr Gandolfi congratulated all the winners and the entrants and said that it was pleasing to note that since its inception nine years ago the exhibition has continued to grow and every year new photographers enter the competition bringing with them new ideas and artistic interpretations of Wattle Range.

The Exhibition is open during Library hours and Sundays 2-4pm through to and including Wednesday 3 August 2016.

For further information please contact:

Janice Nitschke - Library Manager
Telephone: (08) 8733 0903
Email: janice.nitschke@wattlerange.sa.gov.au


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