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Mayoral Christmas Message

17 December 2018

Mayoral Christmas Message

As another year draws to a close and we approach the festive season, it always seems appropriate that we take time to reflect on the year gone.

I have attended many community events since having the honour of becoming Mayor in November. Shari and I have found it a great privilege to represent the Wattle Range communities at such occasions.

Perhaps the most moving event was the Remembrance Day Service. This was a simple ceremony, but had such a strong meaning, and attended by many with a great age range.

It was vital that we remembered those of our community who made the greatest sacrifice to the cause they saw as being just.

We should never forget what those men and women gave up for us.

As the season is well upon us, I would hope that we can all take the time to think about those who are less privileged than ourselves.  Even in a community such as ours which is relatively prosperous, there are still those who face a bleak Christmas.

The work that many do in the provision of clothing, food donations, blankets, financial support and connecting people together should be applauded. Everyone does a tremendous job.

It is quite damning that we need such community services in the twenty first century - or what we all know as the lucky country.

If people can’t afford basic necessities in our modern world then it is more of a reflection on the society we live in rather than those individuals and their families.

Our society is wealthy enough to provide a good standard of living for all, and no one should ever go hungry or face the need to go cap-in-hand, which we are in danger of creating.

At Christmas we need to give some thought to this and remember what Christianity is about. We should take care of our fellow man and that it is not just good enough to 'be' good, we have to 'do' good.

This applies whether we class ourselves as Christians or not, it is basic humanity.

I challenge our communities to take action and do good for others.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a safe New Year. 

Des Noll OAM

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