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Councils map out support for local dairy sector

29 April 2019
Joint Councils Release

Grant and Wattle Range Councils map out support for local dairy sector 

Representatives from the District Council of Grant, Wattle Range Council and Dairy SA met recently to consider the findings from the Dairy Industry Review report released late last year and map out a way in which both Councils could support the local sector. The report, which was initiated by the two Councils to undertake an independent review of the dairy industry across both districts, considered the potential future of the industry, opportunities for growth as well as possible constraints to the industry.

District Council of Grant Acting Chief Executive, Jane Fetherstonhaugh said “The two Council regions have the majority share of dairies within the Limestone Coast, with approximately 300 million litres of raw milk production per annum being produced in the region. The report concluded that because of the natural resources and environment, the Limestone Coast will remain a high producing region providing a secure milk supply, with the degree to which production can be increased yet to be determined.”

Wattle Range Council CEO Ben Gower said “the review shows the need for Councils to continue to work closely with the sector in an advocacy role. To be more specific, we see the role for our two Councils will be to identify and support the development of critical infrastructure such as power, waste water management, suitable road networks including the potential for cattle underpasses, as well as industry skills development and inward investment opportunities for both the dairy farms and milk processors.”

Recommendations from the report align well with some of the key areas outlined in the South Australian Dairy Industry Action Plan 2019-2024 which was launched this month by SADA.

Mr Gower went on to say, “both Councils have given a commitment to address the Report’s findings and will shortly conduct investigations into the development of an investment attraction prospectus for the local industry as well as possible funding options for the development of cattle underpasses across both Council districts”.



For further information please contact:

District Council of Grant
Mike Ryan, Economic Development Advisor
e: mike.ryan@dcgrant.sa.gov.au
p: (08) 8721 0444

Wattle Range Council
Roger Babolka, Manager Economic Development
e: rmb@wattlerange.sa.gov.au
p: (08) 8733 0900 or 0437 295 649


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