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Community & Sporting Clubs

Insurance Scheme for Community Groups

Public Liability and accident insurances to protect against unexpected events or injuries to volunteers are significant issues for community and not for profits groups.

To support not for profit groups in the community, Local Government has taken an active role in developing a specialist insurance scheme in South Australia that meets the real needs of community groups.

LCIS provides an extensive range of insurance products to specifically suit community and not for profit groups including:

* Public Liability Insurance

* Associations Liability Insurance

* Personal Accident (Volunteer) Insurance

* Business Package Insurance

The premiums offered by LCIS have been developed to reflect the relatively low risk activities of most community groups and are calculated by identifying the principal activity of each group, their revenue size and the number of volunteers within the group.

LCIS can cover

Community and Not For Profit Groups who -

* Provide services to the broader community.

* Have annual turnover/funding less than $5 million.

* Do not distribute profits to its members.

* Comprised mainly of volunteers.

* Provide a public benefit or serve a charitable purpose.

Some examples of the type of community groups that are eligible for cover via LCIS are -

Senior Citizen Groups

Theatrical & Dance groups

Resident & Progress Associations

Hall Management Committees

Sporting Groups

Craft Groups and Fairs

Fundraising Groups

Community Park Committees

Social Clubs

Resources & Landcare groups

Arts Groups & Galleries


For further information about LCIS or to obtain a quotation, visit www.localcommunityinsurance.com.au or phone - 1300 853800.


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