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Glencoe is home of the Glencoe National Trust Woolshed which is a beautifully preserved 19th century woolshed, master built from locally quarried stone and hand-hewn blackwood timbers. Glencoe is located 30-35 kilometres south of Millicent (depending on which route), turn off the Princes Highway. Glencoe is in the south of the Wattle Range Council area closest to Millicent, 65kms southwest of Penola, 68kms south of Beachport, via Millicent. There are two cherry farms, one open for sales during the season, dairy farms, cattle, sheep, seasonal potato growing, forestry.

Robert and Edward Leake named their station Glencoe after Glencoe in Scotland, there are actually two settlements, Glencoe and Glencoe West. In its heyday Glencoe had a bakery, a hardware store, a mechanical workshop, two cheese factories, two halls, two post offices, two saw mills, two shops, two schools and four churches. The Post Office and General Store are still operating and the Glencoe East Hall is still being used.

The Glencoe Central School, houses a kindergarten. There is a Progress Assocation and the Glencoe Football and Netball Clubs are very active.




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