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Mt Burr



Mount Burr 

Mt Burr the town is named after a local mountain called Mount Burr; it measures 240 metres (790 feet) tall and is one of 15 dormant or extinct volcanoes within the Limestone Coast. 

Mt Burr is located 14kms east of Millicent on the Millicent to Penola road. Mt Burr is is 39kms west of Penola and 51kms from Beachport via Millicent. The local industries are forestry, Transport and Agriculture.

The town of Mt Burr was established in 1931 along with a sawmill operation. It was the first of all the milling towns in the region. Mt Burr was a government town built from locally sawn material and erected on a forest reserve. The government established all facilities including shops, schooling and homes. The sawmill closed in 2000.





Mount Burr Attractions


Golf Sports Oliver Braes
Millicent Golf Course Mount Muirhead Lookout




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