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Mayors Welcome

On behalf of Wattle Range Council and its residents I am pleased to welcome you to the Council's website.

Wattle Range Council is situated in the heart of the magnificent and prominent Limestone Coast region of South Australia, bordered by the coast in the west and Victorian border in the east and is located half way between Adelaide and Melbourne, giving rise to the Council's slogan of - "Strength & Vision from Coast to Border".

A premier region within South Australia, the Wattle Range Council area has a diverse and vibrant economic base including the world-renowned Coonawarra wine region, magnificent and expansive plantation timber forests, outstanding horticultural and crop producing areas and a sustainable fishing industry.

With the area comprising 13 diverse townships and a rural hinterland, the community and Council are committed to providing and maintaining a high standard of supporting services and amenities incliding community & cultural facilities, sporting ovals & recreational complexes, and retail shopping and business facilities.

Visitors and tourists are welcomed with open arms to the Wattle Range Council area and are offered a wide range of tourism experiences including coastal & eco-tourism features, wine tourism (in the renowned Coonawarra), cultural tourism (such as Millicent's Living History Museum and Penola's Mary MacKillop Penola Centre) and much much more.

Please take your time to explore our website which will assist you to find information on Council and its services including library and information, tourist attractions, and community organisations. We hope that you will find the website interesting and informative.

Wattle Range - A Great Place to Live and Work

Des Noll

Des Noll

Position Mayor
Address PO Box 27
Civic Centre
George Street
Contact Details Mobile: 0428 515 967
Email: mayor@wattlerange.sa.gov.au
Term Dates From 10/11/2018

CEO's Message

Wattle Range truly is a wonderful place to live and work.

Our Council area produces a diverse array of products for both domestic and export markets, including beef, prime lambs, wool, herbs, rock lobster, wine, blue gum and radiata pine, potatoes, apples, cherries, native flowers, seaweed and a diverse range of small seeds. In 2014, we were rated as the number one primary production area in Australia.

We have an abundance of tourist attractions including the world famous Coonawarra vineyards, the historic township of Penola, the seaside townships of Beachport and Southend, Millicent’s Living History Museum, the historic Glencoe Woolshed, the Tantanoola Caves, Canunda National Park, Woakwine Cutting, and an abundance of lakes, coastal trails and conservation parks. Our natural environment is clean and green where the air is noticeably clearer and we have an abundance of fresh water.

As fortunate as we are to live in such a wonderful place, there is still a lot of work to be done to make it even better. Council’s newly adopted Strategic Plan outlines our future priorities for the next few years. It is the culmination of our communities wishes which have and will continue to be gathered through a wide variety of consultation forums. It includes an updated Vision and set of Organisational Values, as well as a comprehensive list of objectives across five key strategic themes.

The ideas that were generated by the community were both numerous and diverse – yet there was a very simple theme that wove through everything that was discussed. People simply want Wattle Range to be a great place to live and work. This simple, concise, yet powerful statement will guide Council’s future decision making over the next decade and beyond. Whether it be our open spaces, public buildings, roads, planning and development or economic development initiatives, we will continue to strive to ensure that Wattle Range is ‘A Great Place to Live and Work'.


Ben Gower
Chief Executive Officer
Updated August 2017

Ben Gower

Position Chief Executive Officer
Address PO Box 27
Millicent Office
Civic Centre
George Street
Millicent SA 5280
Contact Details Phone: 08 8733 0900
Fax: 08 8733 4999
Mobile: 0402 177 247
Email: council@wattlerange.sa.gov.au

Vision and Values


'Wattle Range a Great Place to Live and Work'

The Wattle Range Council is responsible for providing a diverse range of facilities and services which contribute significantly to the quality of life of its community.  The Council has a strong viable economic base, built on the natural resources of the region, which has contributed to the development of high class community, recreational and cultural facilities.

The Vision for the Council provides a clear direction envisaged by the Council which aims to enhance the unique lifestyle and provide a range of choices for the Wattle Range Council area.

The 'Community Plan 2009-2014' was adopted in June, 2009 following extensive community consultation, and was reviewed and updated in 2012.

The plan focuses on seven (7) key and interrelated Strategic Directions:

Service Delivery:  There will be transparency and accountability within Council's governance arrangements with open measurement of performance against the Community Plan and other key indicators.

Organisational Excellence:  Develop a strong governance approach to Council's operations that support good decision making.

Community Well Being:  The quality of life will be enhanced by the provision of facilities and services to provide a safe, vibrant and healthy community.

Positive Ageing:  Provide support to older people through the provision of services and facilities that enable and encourage participation in social life and recognise the achievements and contributions made by older people.

Economic Vibrancy:  Wattle Range Council is a thriving area that encourages and facilitates sustainable new business and supports existing business growth.

Environmental Sustainability:  There will be a well planned blend of built and natural environment to ensure its sustainability and diversity to the community.

Asset Management:  Procedures and processes will be in place to prudently manage infrastructure that meets the needs of our community and that can be sustained within Council's financial resources.

In early 2016 Council commenced a comprehensive review of the Community Plan. Once completed it will set out the longer term strategy for Council over the next four years. It is anticipated that a new Plan will be distributed for public comment in the opening months of 2017.


Councillors and staff are committed to the strategies and objectives of this Community (Strategic) Plan and take responsibility for achieving the desired outcomes for the benefit of the communities of Wattle Range Council.

Council's Values are:

Trust - the glue that binds us all together as a community. Doing what we say we are going to do and being honest and transparent in both our intentions and actions helps build trusted relationships.

Teamwork - the cornerstone of high performing organisations. Embracing the diversity of thoughts and experiences that exist within a team generates a broader range of innovative ideas and leads to better decision making. Individuals perform better when they are a valued member of a team, they are more confident, they have more fun and they are more productive. We become more resilient when we know that someone is watching our back, and we are more likely to cope under stressful or difficult circumstances.

Fun - the importance of enjoying what we do and how we do it should never be underestimated. Having fun at work builds stronger teams and enhances relationships. Recognising and celebrating our successes - no matter how big or small they are - encourages the right behaviours in the workplace and ultimately enhances our performance. 


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